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Муҳаббат аталган бир ҳис бор эди, Уни деб қавмлар бир бирин еган. Жулетта исмли бир қиз бор эди, Бир йигит бор эди Ромео деган.

Бор эди муҳаббат аталмиш қўрғон, Учиб киролмасди чивин ҳам ҳатто. Совғасин Ягонинг қўлида кўрган, Бўғиб қўя қолган жуфтин Отелло.

Энди бу юртларда дунё тескари, Муҳаббат ҳислари бадар кетганлар Жаннатни мадҳ этиб юрганлар бари, Жаҳаннам комига бориб етганлар.

Хўроз хўроз билан ўтказса тўйин, Буқалар буқа деб ипини узса. Бу қандай томошо, бу қандай ўйин, Сигирлар сигирга кўзини сузса…

Инсон мукаррамдир унутма асло, Шаънига ёмон гап тўқима, болам. Бу шеърни бир ўзинг ўқидинг, аммо Ўқима бировга, ўқима, болам…

Mapт 2013


There was a feeling named after love – This emotion – led battles to the war. There was a Miss – known as Juliette And a young gent called Romeo.

There was a castle in the name amour, Even a flyer could not cross into. Cuz of the gift that was in Iago, Jealous Othello killed his paramour.

Now in these lands the world is perverse – The emotions of love had gone eternal. The love, loyalty – all paradise praise Turned into the threshold of the hell.

The cock is marrying to the cock, A bull touches the passion to the bull. What a drama is this, what a shock, The cows prefer the cow – to feel.

Human is sacred, don’t dare to forget – Do not black his honor; don’t do this, my babe. You have read this poem, and even though, Do not read to others; don’t read it, my babe.

March, 2013

Translated by Shukhrat Sattorov


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