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To all those who shared our pain and expressed their sympathy during the recent loss of the National Poet and Hero of Uzbekistan, our beloved father, Abdulla Oripov, please accept our deep gratitude for your cherished words of condolence and touching tributes. We will never forget your endless support.

Also, we would like to express our enduring gratitude to the Uzbek people for the unconditional love and prayers they surrounded our father with. Thank you to all the people who offered wholehearted and immense support to alleviate our father’s health complications during his last years, particularly to the Uzbek government and Mr. Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev; to the family of Lola and Timur Tillyaevs, for their crucial and timely financial support which enabled our father’s treatment; to all the doctors of Uzbekistan; to the doctors of Sema Hospital in Istanbul, including Ilyas Akdemir, Joshkun Sahin, Huseyn and Fatma Fidan; to our friends in Istanbul, including Mahmud Bal, Ahmet Palabicak, Gurhan Gulcan and Nuriddinbey; to the Head Consul of Uzbekistan in Turkey, Abror Gulomov; to the doctors of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, especially Dr. Paul Corn; to brothers Hudoyor and Shahriyor Ortikovs, and Askarali Karimov, our friends in Texas who shared the hardest days with us; to the Consul of Uzbekistan in the USA, Sirojiddin Yahshilikov, and to the Director of Uzbekistan Airlines in New York, Ruslan Fidoiy.

Again, thank you all for your outpouring of love and warmth during this difficult time. We will always keep these memories alive in our hearts.

With deep respect and love,

The family of Abdulla Oripov

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